Brand identity, the most critical part of brand building, involves a striking logo, graphic designs, displays etc. We are a one-stop designer, starting from conceptualization and going all the way to final printing.


LNN designer team has provided exquisite brand designs to a great number of outstanding enterprises, empowering them to rise above competitions through befitting brand designs that boost their corporate spirits, individualities and images!


Our company is very much devoted in giving the design along with the printed copies for the catalogues, posters, brochures, business papers, banner and other graphic materials our clients need. In a world where competition is just so tight, the industry of graphic design and advertising is not exempted to this. It is hard for companies to prove their worth, so clients who are looking for the best should scrutinize the firms and make a thorough research.


In our company we value the time of our clients more so, their money. We do not want to waste the time and money of our clients, so we do our best to make sure that the output of the project is not just pleasing to them, but will also go beyond their expectations. We have been in the industry for sometime now, so we know how it’s like to be of service even to the sophisticated clients.


Besides graphic designs, we exhibit another proud expertise and forte—interior design. We specialize in high-end interior design and renovation projects for bungalows, semi-detached houses and so on, where most of our customers represent a highly discerning group with exquisite taste in fine living.


We have also provided design services for many branded companies, shopping malls and street shops, creating refined, tasteful retail space so that consumers can shop and consume in a comfortable, safe environment.


We undertake all sorts of commercial space design and renovation projects, namely:

  • High-end, fashionable offices
  • Modern in-factory offices
  • Trendy show houses